Our primary program is filled with new experiences and opportunities for both challenge and success. Our goal is to provide a happy, safe, stimulating learning environment where each child feels welcome, secure and respected. Students are encouraged to take initiative, challenge themselves and discover their own remarkably creative selves throughout all academic areas.

From Kindergarten to Grade 5, children are taught following the curriculum from Ministry of education of Ontario, Canada, with some elements from the Italian Curriculum. Our inquiry-based approach to learning encourages students to adopt the attributes of character education through the fundamentals of

  • Language Arts (Reading, Writing, Oral Communication)
  • Mathematics 
  • Coding (computer programming)
  • Social Studies (History and Geography)
  • Science & Technology
  • French 
  • Italian 1 (Idoneità Prep) or italian 2 for beginners 
  • Arts (Music, Art, Drama)
  • Health & Physical Education (includes Ice Skating and Swimming at external facilities)

The objective of our primary programme is to instill a love for learning by providing meaningful learning opportunities to our students and to encourage each child to become an independent learner. We want our students to excel both academically and personally and further develop their language skills. Students will be exposed to a wide range of inquiry-based learning activities to further develop their discovery, exploration and problem solving skills. With small class sizes, students will have personalized and individual learning experiences, allowing for plenty of opportunities to practice, expand and consolidate their language acquisitions and knowledge.